Our Mission

Here at LA Aluminum, we believe manufacturing is the heartbeat of America. We take great pride in providing the highest quality aluminum castings manufactured today. From humble beginnings, the Oswald’s mission statement lives on at LA Aluminum today:

"Every customer is critical to our success. We gladly serve each with a commitment to excellence, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to provide service that's exceptional." - Bob Oswald Sr.

LAA is a single source manufacturer committed to our customer’s needs. With our acquired knowledge from nearly 75 years of experience and our focus on continuous improvement, we will continue to provide the best permanent mold castings available. We have the experience, the tools, and most importantly, we have the people committed to lead the industry. 

Our History

For nearly 75 years, LA Aluminum has been serving customers high-quality permanent mold aluminum castings.

LA Aluminum was founded in Culver City, California as Los Angeles Aluminum Casting in 1947 by Robert Oswald, Sr. and his wife, Helen. This two person operation began as a small shop in a Quonset hut. In the beginning, Helen would pour the castings and prepare shipments as Robert Sr. brought in new business.

The business grew very quickly and as a result the expanding operation was relocated to Gardena, California. Further growth necessitated another move to Harbor City, California in 1966. Later in 1972 the Oswald’s moved yet again to their now present location in Hayden, Idaho, and shortened the company name to LA Aluminum Casting Company.

In 1979 Robert Oswald Jr. became President and CEO. Robert had apprenticed under his father for ten years in the plant before assuming responsibility for LA Aluminum. After taking the lead he spurred the company’s growth. Since then, melting, heat treating, and also machining capabilities have all grown under his supervision. In the 1990s, LA Aluminum added CNC machining and began computerizing many of their operations. Since then, they have continued to purchase state of the art foundry equipment, new machining centers and installing powder coating lines. In addition, they’ve erected new buildings and invested in programs that have kept LA Aluminum at the forefront of the competition. As a result, these investments have increased capacity and paved the way for new products and customers.

Company Timeline

1947 – Los Angeles Aluminum Casting Company is founded in Culver City, California by Robert Oswald, Sr., and his wife, Helen. This two-person operation begins as a small shop in a Quonset hut. While Helen pours castings and prepares shipments, Robert Sr. brings in new business.

1957 – Ten years after opening its doors, the business experienced significant growth and the expanding operation relocates to Gardena, California.

1966 – Further growth necessitates a move to larger facilities in Harbor City, California.

1968 – Son Robert Oswald, Jr. begins working part-time, gaining valuable knowledge and adding to his skills.

1972 – The Oswald’s move to their current location in Hayden, Idaho. Thereafter, they shorten the business name to LA Aluminum Casting Company.

1979 – Robert Oswald, Jr. becomes President and CEO after apprenticing under his father for 11 years. Shortly after he spurs the company’s growth, particularly in melting, heat-treating, and machining capabilities.

1990s – LA Aluminum adds CNC machining and begins computerizing many of its operations. LA Aluminum purchases state-of-the-art foundry equipment, new machining centers, and install powder coat lines. In addition, they erect new buildings and also invest in new programs to keep the company at the forefront of the competition.

2014 – Granddaughter Sarah Oswald becomes Sales and Marketing Manager, following a third-generation tradition of leadership at LA Aluminum.

2021 – LA Aluminum continues to thrive as granddaughter Sarah Oswald becomes Vice President of this family-owned company.

In keeping with the long family history, many of our customers have been with us for 30, 40, and even 50 years. Additionally, many of our employees have been with us for decades, providing unity in purpose.

2022 – LA Aluminum celebrates 75 years in business and is excited to see where the future leads us.

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