January 15, 2018

LA Aluminum Adds Square Footage

The new year brings a fresh look at new opportunities. Our shipping and receiving department desperately needed more room for storage. Instead of adding onto the building which can be very costly, we decided to add a 1,000sq. ft. mezzanine. The mezzanine solved our storage needs and increased overall operational efficiency.

- Sarah Oswald, Sales & Marketing Manager

September 14, 2017

Manufacturing Matters

It's no secret the Inland Northwest is home to many of the nation's leading manufacturers. Join us September 26-27 for the Manufacturing Matters Expo in Spokane, Washington. The event will feature the region's manufacturing, fabrication & engineering industries. Free admission includes exhibits, demonstrations, educational breakout sessions and networking opportunities. Please come by and visit us at Booth #20- We'd love to meet you!

- Sarah Oswald, Sales & Marketing Manager

May 1, 2017

Happy 70th Birthday LA Aluminum!

This year landmarks 70 years of aluminum casting success. A very special thanks to our customers and employees- none of this would have been possible without you! We welcome you to join us on the journey of how it all began... http://laaluminum.com/about

- Sarah Oswald, Sales & Marketing Manager

April 11, 2017

LA Aluminum Featured in national Metal Casting magazine

Much to our surprise, LA Aluminum was featured in the March/April Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazine article about “Knowing When To Switch To Casting”. The article features our Casting Competition entry from last year and covers the specific signs a part needs a new manufacturing method. We are highlighted under “#7: The market is ready for an improvement” and features MCDP’s rendition of how we helped develop their new high end product line. A very special thank you to Shannon Wetzel and Jim Beckwith at Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazine.

- Sarah Oswald, Sales & Marketing Manager

November 14, 2016

New Mazak Arrival

Just in time for Christmas... It's with much gratitude we are pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new Mazak Horizontal CNC. This machine comes just two years after our last Mazak Horizontal purchase and is intended to pair side by side to increase speed and efficiency. Our Foundry also received a gift- a new and upgraded variable speed hoist that will improve safety and maneuverability.

- Sarah Oswald, Sales & Marketing Manager